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This book is a general introduction to the basic, common sense financial concepts that can help people overcome obstacles they face and achieve their goals.

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Keller Family

The Keller Family

Most families are frustrated and lost when it comes to their finances. They know they want to be out of debt, want to save and invest for their future and their children's future and want to be in the best financial position possible. Some are scared to death that they are not prepared for the next market crash. However, they're not sure how to fix these problems. We were no different. But, we decided to make a change, get out of the vicious cycle of financial mediocrity and change our future. So I have dedicated my career to guiding other families on how to do the same. If you don't like where you are or where you are going financially, schedule a FREE consultation and change your life today!!

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Budget Worksheet

Most families don't track and plan for monthly spending, and as a result, they feel like they're living paycheck to paycheck, month after month. A simple, achievable spending plan is the answer, and this worksheet is a great place to start. Also, for more info on a spending plan, watch this short video.

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How Money Works

If you're like most, you want to put your family in the best possible financial position, but you aren't sure if you're doing everything you can. "How Money Works" provides simple, easy to implement strategies and fundamentals not taught by banks and financial companies that will make your financial goals and dreams a reality. Also, check out our video 7 Steps to Create a Clear Vision for a Financially Successful Future.

How Money Works for Kids

Most children today don't learn how to be financially successful in school. And, if you're like most parents, you want the best for your children. "How Money Works For Kids" is a simple guide to teach your children the fundamentals of finance to put them on the path to future success and financial well‐being.

Investing at Retirement

If you're like most, you want to retire one day, but don't know for certain if you're on the right track. Investing at retirement provides simple, easy‐to‐implement strategies and fundamentals to get you to and through retirement while avoiding the most common mistakes and the most common risks most people face.


Investing at Retirement

Most families are not saving enough for retirement, don't have a plan if their income ever stopped, and are over extended with debt. And those who have managed their money well, are not getting the guidance they need to remain successful in this ever‐changing economy. So, we have created a movement to change the financial landscape of the American family. And, we are looking for driven, ambitious individuals who want to help families change their future from financial stress to financial success. No financial experience is required. All training is provided. If you want to be part of that movement, love helping people, and believe you have what it takes, watch the full video below and we will be in contact with you to discuss the next steps.

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